Privacy Policy

Every user is respected here at Crazeemonk. We make sure that your privacy is protected while you are using our store. Trust is the most important thing for us and we try to maintain it in every possible manner. This privacy policy is a description of the required information from you and what is done with the information once it is gathered from you. We have the right to modify this policy, and this modification shall be reflected immediately on the website of our company. Your usage of our services following such posting would reflect your acceptance of such modification.

For enabling you to place an order on our website, we require some basic information about you such as:

Your first name, last name, city, state, zip code, country, your address, phone number and your email address.

Our system also gathers some details about the Internet connection computer such as the IP address when you visit our website. This IP address is not used for identifying you personally. This information is used for delivering our web pages to you upon request, for customization of our website in accordance of your interest, for calculation of the number of visitors on a website and for also getting the geographical location of our visitors.

We make sure that any information gathered from you is not used by any unauthorized person or organization, be it other visitors or anyone who does not belong to our organization.


With whom do we share the information that is gathered from you?

We do not sell, rent, barter or give away your information to anyone.

Only some part of your information is passed on to the vendors, credit card processing companies, courier companies etc. in order to enable them to perform all the functions which are related to the fulfillment of your order.

Moreover some information might also be required by the law authorities for the detection of fraud activities and for maintaining the safety of our employees, site, users, management, members and other affiliates associated with us.

One of the most important information that is collected from you is your email id which is used for giving you the confirmation email of your order. It is also used by the customer service to get back to you in case of any queries and for any newsletters that have been sent.

All other information which is gathered from you, is stored confidentially and is not disclosed unless needed as in case of disputes or as per the requirement of the law authorities.

In case of any queries of questions regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.